Bältet delades ut efter första träningspasset av Ricard som innan läste detta email som kom från Marcelo i Brasilien för några dagar sedan.

Tjena kompis.

First I wonna a tell everybody how much i miss Sweden and Dynamix Fighting Sports Family.
Im working very much here and still looking for the students progress, fights and whats happening on Sweden.

I am very glad with Ralf performance on the grapplers paradise and after his performance in many competitions, way to behave when he teaching and show the positions, anyway thats the picture of him, I think the time to get the purple belt is now, he deserve very much and he will have a brilhant future on BJJ.

Because im on Brasil right now I cant do that on personal, but Ricard can have the honor to give him, from my hands, the new graduation.

Hope all the guys can be happy like I do with the new purple belt from our organization. I cannot be there on personal but will be in spirit. Miss u all and we see each other soon.

NACKA DOJO!!!! : )  forever.

All the best
trainning hard, fight easy.
stor Kram

Stort grattis från hela klubben!

Ralfs profil.